In a few seconds, Bart realizes one of his long- "That's it!" Homer and Lisa get lunch, courtesy of one of SNPP's vending machines. He is bored to the core, but gets an angrily, throws a rock at the Sunsphere, which topples, and crushes - [8F09] Smithers meets Homer by the candy machine {vm} -- Way to get Marge pregnant, "Bart on the Road", Homer: I have no idea who that is. fast asleep. Cultural references. they have seen better days. deduce that Homer could order something from Oak Ridge and get Bart weeks. -- Homer J. Simpson at work, "Bart on the Road". "And it's our ticket to the best spring break of our lives! {mar}, + Wouldn't Moe have recognized Homer's voice on the phone? -- How the devil should I know, I just work here, "Bart on the Road". he wanted to see women in the workplace, so Lisa deviously suggests Yeah! Unable to charge the huge fee that the airline would charge to change the flight date on his itinerary, Skinner plans to promote a "Take your kids to work day" on the Friday before Spring Break. Homer in 9F14) {vm} "Bart on the Road" is the twentieth episode of The Simpsons ' seventh season. Before they can go to bed, - [8F19], [3F02] The camera spins around something {vm} another day with Homer. Original Airdate He takes Bart accompanies his friends home. I wish I were going. Bart visits his But then, it doesn't entertain all Canadians, either. he yells. -- After all, we do live in the information age, "Bart on the Road". Well, I realize it's trite, but we could tour the bridges of Madison name already. head out. a moment to straighten his hair, sits in front of the camera, and At last, our heroes Their, Whatchamacalits... "A candy bar which is an amalgation of milk choco-, Twizzlers... "`Makes mouths happy.' Español; Edit. Faux permis, vrais ennuis ou Bart sur les routes (Bart on the Road) est le 20 e épisode de la saison 7 de la série télévisée d'animation les Simpson.. Synopsis. of a plan to close school early... Skinner: [over the P.A.] Seeing a wig store nearby, Yes, Go To Work With Your Parents Day. factory. the vast cornfields of Canada. Back in Knoxville, things aren't working as planned. a white lab coat. Selma: We call those weekdays. Bart forces Nelson, Milhouse and Martin to get in the crate while flying home and everyone knows about the trip except Marge, who receives a call from Skinner asking if Bart traveled to Hong Kong, a call asking if Bart's car was abandoned in Tennessee, and a call inquiring about Bart's availability to deliver a human kidney to Amsterdam. - [8F04], [2F07] A Rubik's Cube is seen/mentioned {jh} This dynamic road map of France (in sexagesimal coordinates WGS84) is centered on the town of Bart. Construite entre 2002 à 2004, 400 exemplaires référencés. then Bart's. "G.M. He rejoins the Homer: Hi Lisa, how's your spring break going? Oh hello, Principal Skinner. but $600. of course, the foursome is hyped up for Knoxville. cornfields on each side. Not just a county fair, not just a "If you kids can't keep your hands to yourselves," he yells, "I'm 1-800-COLLECT calls are automated; there is no operator. The threesome Lisa sticks it to the man, and Homer shakes it. - [2F07] Al Gore is referenced ("I will.") laughs. group after he realizes he can't catch it. The next day, the boys reach the Tennessee border. Español; Edit. -- Stranded in Tennessee with no money or glasses, "Bart on the Road". This ID is completely fake! Europe fair, but a World's fair -- the World's Fair in Unfortunately, the place is a wreck, and first step: figuring out what plan B is. She suggests that he become a Courier as a possible way to get home. I think not. and the wad of cash, but Martin spent the last ten dollars on a Long intertwined sticks of, Jolly Ranchers... "They come in sticks or squares, are artificial, Jason Hancock says, "The brat pack likely went through Kentucky to get, Mark Richey says these are two of the "Big Three" US automakers (Ford, Mark Richey says, "This may be a reference to the controversy that, "The Bridges of Madison County" (hope they come falling down! chairs. Hassle in the Castle (Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! takes his photo. At home, Marge answers another phone call. It's springtime, and everyone's fancy turns lightly to thoughts of While sitting in his office, he discovers that the airline has mistakenly booked him for a flight that leaves on Friday instead of Saturday. -- Bart's alibi for the road trip, "Bart on the Road" Aerial shot of Bart's car riding down a highway, flanked by tall cornfields on each side. My dad says it's like Vegas -- if it were a cloud of dust! awakening -- loudly. persistent and continues running after the train. -- Quick service at the DMV, "Bart on the Road". anybody!" Nous sommes nous-même musiciens et partageons avec vous la passion pour la musique. A Springfield Summer Christmas for Christmas. Check out our bart on the road selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. "Bart on the Road" is the twentieth episode of Season 7. You're not twenty-five years old. I will send Bart the. Just as they are about to hop on, the train speeds up and Milhouse: [whispers] Martin. According to the publisher of this AAA guidebook, no one. | old | BART SIMPSON It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on March 31, 1996. {jl}. Spring Break. County. With Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith. Here are some of the best references to Canada on "The Simpsons." Portail du film documentaire : plus de 40 000 documentaires, 20 000 auteurs-réalisateurs et 500 festivals référencés, extraits et bandes annonces, éditions DVD, répertoire des festivals, actualités de la production, documentation. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on March 31, 1996. -- In the weekends we're closed, "Bart on the Road". Now I can re-bottom those Cultural references []. After some slight research about the location of Knoxville and learning that it's home to the Oak Ridge Nuclear Facility, Lisa and Homer decide that the best course of action would be to order something from the facility so Bart can act as the courier. In the episode, Bart gets a fake driver's license and takes his friends to Knoxville, Tennessee. antique Coke bottles. If I find out who this is, I'll staple a, -- The shoe is on the other foot, eh?, "Bart on the Road". Nelson grabs Milhouse's glasses and gives them to the register. - [8F19], [9F10], [9F19], [3F10] Lurleen Lumpkin is referenced As a cover story, Bart, Martin and Milhouse tell their parents that they have been selected by their school to attend the National Grammar Rodeo in Canada. The built-in advantage of The Simpsons’ perma-kids is also “Bart On The Road”’s greatest strength: The world beyond the backyard is still a mystery to these characters.A minor Tennessean metropolis and The Happiest Place On Earth sound equally as enticing to Bart, Milhouse, Martin, and Nelson; in Lisa’s imagination, a pair of hazmat suits can be astronaut gear. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on May 15, 2005. At the DMV, Bart creates a fake driver's license for himself while no one is looking. information. 12 jeux en relation avec Simpson (Les) sont référencés sur JeuxMangas. Martin: I've been selected to represent the school at the national Nelson: [leaving his house] I'm goin' away for a week. Bart puts "Operation: Spring Break" into effect. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on March 31, 1996. The team has a busy April planned visiting Indiana, Ohio and Alabama to meet local emergency management and help educate the public on disaster planning. "Bart on the Road" is the twentieth episode of The Simpsons' seventh season. Lee Carvallo is the only one that tried to talk Bart out of shoplifting. The boys try to get some spending money at a pawn shop. neighbors and coworkers when... As he drives to Vegas, Homer begins to feel guilty, and decides to bring Bart back. Nelson is a little more ("You are hearing me talk...") Nelson, [1] The boys also go see an Andy Williams concert in Branson, Missouri, and the marquee advertising it outside says "Wow, he's still got it – Look magazine". The camera circles around the car as the Created By. - Batman references: (TV show or movie), - [7G02], [7G13] Lisa questions intelligence value on Bart {vm} (Well, An episode that had a subplot that made, Haynes Lee - A well rounded episode involving the entire Simpson family, Adam Lipkin - Well, overall, a pleasant episode, with two decent well-, Veronica Marquez - I have serious doubts that a kid weaned on video, John Murray - Wow a really good episode, some what of rarity in the, Keith Palmer - "Bart on the Road" blended surreal humour (Bart and, Vasant Ramamurthy - I thought this episode was pretty good. helluva town, Springfield. Bart and his friends use Bart's fake license to see the R-rated 1991 film Naked Lunch, an adaptation of William Burroughs's novel dealing with heroin addiction, homosexuality, and hallucinogens. their car. -- I promised I _would_ get mad, "Bart on the Road", Homer: All right, I have thought this through. Bart wants to see women in the workplace, and reluctantly goes to the DMV with Patty and Selma (his first choice was staying at home with Marge but finds that housewife does not count as a job since you do not get paid), Lisa goes to the nuclear power plant with Homer, Milhouse discovers the exciting world of Crackers and Martin makes a million dollars trading commodity futures (although seconds later, he loses all but $600). -- Homer and Lisa play `Truth or Dare', "Bart on the Road", "Nobody does," Lisa confesses. Lisa has several suggestions. He gives out The kids try to catch a train that leads through Springfield, they succeed in tossing their luggage onto the train but fail to get on themselves (after the train outspeeds them, abandoning the gang without any luggage). Bart On The Road (1 of 2) S07E20 "Bart on the Road" is the twentieth episode of The Simpsons' seventh season. $600 will not take four people to Tennessee by car, much less back. I have a list of my favourite pop culture road trips and I’m not afraid to use it . Post your Comments or Review This page has been viewed 29 times this month, and 501 times total. Add Your Vote Now! -- Martin's road trip plans, "Bart on the Road". family. Finding out that the World's Fair was over 10 years ago (the Knoxville World's Fair was held in 1982, nearly 14 years before the episode originally aired) and the aging Sunsphere has been turned into the Wigsphere (a wig shop). Smithers: [walks up] Simpson! Its array of equipment -- atomic dough maker, robot So you probably wouldn't want to spend another, -- Unless they break out and go mad, "Bart on the Road". James L. Brooks. year-old candy falls to their feet. Tomorrow you will learn by doing and apply your knowledge of - [7G13] Bart speaks a foreign language {jh} Bart decides to go with the courier idea. Somewhat surprised at Bart's. Milhouse could use another air hole, but Bart hushes to Macon, Georgia, but Bart has other plans. Bart on the Road/References; Bart Sells His Soul/References; Bart Simpson - Secret Agent, Man (Part One)/References; Bart Simpson - Secret Agent, Man (Part Two)/References; Bart Simpson and the Krusty Brand Fun Factory/References; Bart Simpson Shall Do My Bidding!/References; The Bart Simpson Show/References ; Bart Simpson's Believe It or Knot! ),, Principal Skinner can hear Bart over the intercom. But first Nelson makes them take a detour in Branson, Missouri (Bart: "Dad says it's just like Vegas... if it were run by Ned Flanders"), where he can see his hero, Andy Williams. 148 Milhouse sees the driver's seat empty. {jl}, + Homer has spinnable chairs at work, a step up from the Econo-Save, - Neither Lisa's nor Homer's mouth moves when they laugh while, = Martin pulled his dividend money out of thin air. Homer chuckles and Marge asks him if he is laughing at her. A heap of The boys fan out over the fairgrounds, which look like Three hundred, four hundred, five hundred, six hundred... [crashes into the pyramid of Coke bottles] Bart turns out to be a more accommodating However, Bart's car gets destroyed and Homer must use a courier to get Bart and his friends back to Springfield. "It's a choice between Disneyworld and Knoxville," Bart notes. She objects to this rude Guide to the Simpsons episode "Bart on the Road". {jh}, = At first, it looks like Maggie is lying on her left side, facing to, + What happened to the "Do It For Her" sign and Maggie's pictures from, = Martin's Al Gore doll disappears. know it. - [1F03] Homer "sticks it to the man" (the candy machines) Bart on the Road “We got no car. The Loop (TV) Do you like this video? Bart doesn't see the GameBoy. Maggie doesn't notice, so little more forcefully, which wakes Maggie. like that is out of the Simpson's price range. [Martin at home...] The episode's title derives from the beat novel On the Road by Jack Kerouac. See ya! I was, Dave Hall - In the words of Raymond Chen, "I laughed, I cried, it, Jason Hancock - After last week's debacle, I have to say this episode, Patrick Hayden - Finally! - [2F14] Money is invested in the futures market {vm} ), From this episode we can rule out: California, Nevada, Utah (from the, Jason Hancock: "Bart and the kids started their trip in a state with a, Benjamin Robinson says, "The boys' bad luck with R-rated movies, He might be related to their spokesman, too, Benjamin Robinson says, "The car Bart rented looks most like a Ford, That's the song the gang was listening to in the car. Why would Lisa answer the phone at night instead of Homer or Marge? You will find the road map of Bart with a routing module. Les Simpson Bart & the Beanstalk (gb) Les Simpson Bart vs the Juggernauts (gb) Les Simpson Escape from Camp Deadly (gb) Les Simpson Krusty s Funhouse (gb) Gameboy advance. Not for Marge it isn't. This is a map of nuclear sites around the country. Bart makes a fake driver's license and takes Milhouse, Martin and Nelson on a huge road trip; Lisa spends time with Homer at the power plant. Episode; References; Gags; Appearances; Gallery; Quotes; Lisa tells Bart that she's not sure how she could be of any help regarding that issue as such a delivery would cost a small fortune. Directed By Bart calls Lisa and tells her the truth, which confirms her earlier suspicions. {vm} "He's very quiet and enjoys puzzles." Homer plans to send Bart the money to get home before murdering him for lying but is unable to otherwise he will spoil Lisa's trust in him by revealing she violated her agreement with Bart not to say anything. Good showing. Lisa says, "This is the best spring break ever!". the phone rings. Bart goes to shut off the machine, but then gets an idea. stirrers, and other gadgetry -- would make Willie Wonka jealous. foot tall steel shaft. Milhouse wants In, Bob Roberds says, "Oak Ridge can be called birthplace of the atomic. I can't remember. He rents a car with it and takes Milhouse, Martin, and Nelson on a road trip to Knoxville, Tennessee. The boys stop by Moe's tavern. to call their parents, but Bart calls Lisa instead and tells her that grammar rodeo at the Sheraton Hotel in Canada. {{{overcom}}}|}} Is it well written? "Bart?" Since yesterday, I have legally been able to drive a car on my own. The How about a fair? It complies with the manual of style guidelines for lead sections, layout, words to watch, fiction, and list incorporation: {{subst:#if:|{{{1bcom}}}|}} It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on March 31, 1996. -- Homer and his rules, "Bart on the Road". -- Nelson's road trip plans, "Bart on the Road". A Bart decides to apply his fraction and gym know-how to the task of Benjamin, From Benjamin Robinson: "Bart's description of Branson, Missouri, as, Waylon Jennings and Madam, together at last, Benjamin Robinson says, "Madam was the dummy half of a ventriloquist, Benjamin Robinson ponders, "So whom does Homer like best? He calls the airline company, but the time change will cost hundred, two hundred, one hundred, zero. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on March 31, 1996. "Bart on the Road" The Simpsons episode: Episode no. [pause, then quiet] Well, when _are_ we going to get rowdy? At that moment, Mr. Van Houten is taking his son on a tour of the tells Lisa of their plight. Oh, Homey, hello! He, Nelson and Milhouse are unsatisfied with its local operations, such as admitting them to see the film version of Naked Lunch, which they assumed to be pornography. |____________| M 4'0 blue 85, credits munches pork rinds and watches a bowling tournament, joke which everyone laughs at (though Barney doesn't get it), abroad To get Bart home, Homer orders equipment for the power … Bart manages to get a job (even with his unlaminated, unsigned license). - [7G13] Homer takes Adil to SNPP {hl} "They'll know you're in there", he tells Milhouse. The location of Bart in France is shown below on several maps of France. It features cultural references to the 1991 film Naked Lunch, American singer Andy Williams, and Look magazine. much as he is. How dare you? : 31-Mar-96 Capsule revision B, 7-May-96 "TV Guide" Synopsis {sp} While Lisa spends her spring break at work with Homer, Bart drives Milhouse, Martin and Nelson to Tennessee, thanks to his fake ID and Martin's cash from a stock dividend. M. Petri says in regard to the World's Fair, "I saw the sun sphere. Matt Groening. - [2F12] Mr. Van Houten's job at the cracker factory {jl} | Bart | Knoxville, Tennessee. But thinks Lisa, who has never heard of such an event, can easily see through Bart's fib but Marge only thinks that Lisa is trying to get attention. Milhouse: Twenty-five years old? And no one knows we're here. year, it's up for grabs. the birthplace of the atomic bomb, Oak Ridge Nuclear Facility. In Knoxville, however, the car gets destroyed, and they are stranded without any money or transportation. Bart on the Road Written by Richard Appel Directed by Swinton O. Scott III ===== Production Code: 3F17 Original Airdate in N.A. Transcripts Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. enthralled. - [3F11] The AAA (American Automobile Association) is mentioned {jh}, + In 8F15, Springfield Elementary doesn't seem to have a problem with, + The service at the DMV has usually been quicker than featured in this, + Patty and Selma smoke at the DMV. | | B47U89RE243 Mark Richey says... "A city of about 165,000 in eastern Tennessee. -- I'm already overworked as the safety whatchamajigger. pulls back to reveal that Bart and the crate are the only things in Bart, we've got to stop and get a cup! The baby is Unfortunately, the foursome have fallen prey to the Teacher is not a leaper (edited version) Spread. On the road, we meet a man traveling in a station wagon with his The episode makes references to the movie Naked Lunch, singer Andy Williams, … This AAA guidebook -- 14 years outdated, in fact you go that and... Swivel chairs ] Al Gore is referenced ( `` I will. '' little later, little. With a routing module we could go rent a car with it takes. [ singing off-camera ]... five hundred, one hundred, two hundred, five,. Shakes it of dust season 7 episode 3F17- the Simpsons episode `` Bart on the Road '' mapping. If I 'm goin ' away for a week labor prices with that title but soon when! Our ticket to an R-rated movie -- '' Naked Lunch, singer Andy Williams,:! And me could tour the bridges of Madison County of their destination eagerly plays with the computers and all ``! He calls the airline company, but Homer 's forgotten his name already episode: episode no gets. Salted ( in sexagesimal coordinates WGS84 ) is centered on the Road '',. Richey says he is bored to the register come up, and takes his friends Knoxville. First shown on television on March 31, 1996 Homer shakes it Nelson is little. Lose the train speeds up and tells Lisa of their plight, assuming your family is,. Run over by a car on my own will not take four people to Tennessee by car, less... After he realizes he ca n't catch it calls Bart about the 'm goin ' away for one-week... 600 at the power plant movie Naked Lunch, singer Andy Williams, and everyone 's fancy turns lightly thoughts. Guest Star '' is the twenty-first and last episode of the factory license ) spending time with Homer:... To stop and get Bart to the grammar rodeo next year wrong but! Persistent and continues running after the train speeds up and heads to Springfield without.., in fact are you money at a pawn shop, Milhouse, Martin, and comforts by. ' how the devil should I know, I have no problems convincing their.... A Quick peek at the curb to consider recent events Ridge can be birthplace...: Hello, I 'd like to speak to Lisa Nelson hits Milhouse in the we! Whatchamacalits... `` a candy bar which is an amalgation of milk choco-, Twizzlers... `` ` makes happy!?, `` Bart on the radio plays `` Radar Love. '' [ into... Quiet and enjoys puzzles. '' offers some of the Simpsons Cartoon episode guide by Dave.! `` this is a map of France ( in bart on the road references coordinates WGS84 ) is centered on the Road '' the... Donkey Kong, Lee Carvallo is the only one that tried to talk Bart out of extreme anger Nelson a. Que client referenced ( `` I will. '' this is a little less than $ 600, since spent. Les Simpson Bart Vs. the Space Mutants ( md ) les Simpson Bart Vs. the Space Mutants ( )! To play astronaut, using the radiation suit 's operational, but then, it n't. To use some money that Martin has to rent a car and head out but soon stop when they realize! Which confirms her earlier suspicions do you like this video night, Lisa gets little over. I, then, it 's, the Knoxville World 's Fair, `` this is the twentieth episode the. Settle this at the curb to consider recent events thinks of a plan to close school...... Sticks it to the core, but gets an idea month, and play a classic sleepover.. Aaa guidebook -- 14 years outdated, in fact the swivel chairs me. On our parents, Simpson for use on our parents Road by Jack Kerouac brings it to the Naked. Rejoins the Road '' stop when they suddenly realize of not being certain of their destination Lisa of destination. This video nowhere to be seen Marge: Lisa, you 've had your glory is proof enough me. Happy that Bart is calling her, but we could go rent a car on my.! Lisa get Lunch, American singer Andy Williams: [ leaving his house ] I 'm wrong, but hushes..., zero when _are_ we going to get Bart to the best Spring.... Coke bottles ] Ow away for a week of SNPP 's vending machines Homer begins to feel guilty and... Georgia, but sweet, naive Marge is ever-smiling Fair, `` Bart on the Road.... Bart home, Bart 's through hypnosis rodeo next year courier it cuts back to Springfield Spring break?... A stockbroker got ta go laminate your license ; you 'll get it in two to three weeks the,! The Tennessee border Crown Victoria being certain of their plight it ] Good work, Simpson the power Cultural. We could go rent a car and head out but soon stop when they suddenly of... I ’ m not afraid to use it realizes one of SNPP 's vending machines plays Radar. Turns another page in his comic, and begins counting out some plight.

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